Stratford Upon Avon Butterfly Farm

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The butterfly population of the UK has been in decline for many years now and photographing them out in the wild can be difficult. First you have to find them, then you have to make them sit still for long enough to capture that perfectly focused shot. It’s quite a challenge, and one that I […]

The Rutting Season

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Autumn is the season to watch one of natures great spectacles … deer rutting. The first two weeks of October tend to be peak viewing with some of the UK’s largest mammals locking antlers in a head to head battle. The whole event is in pursue of females who often are only fertile for a […]

Macro Photography

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A few months ago I purchased a Nikon 105 macro lens but have been a little slow to use it. First time out I just couldn’t get the focus sharp but realised I needed to use a much higher aperture, and to take control myself, rather than relying on “auto” mode.  Getting a half decent […]

Teaching Alex

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A couple of months ago a young lady I know got married and posted a number of honeymoon photos on Facebook. One in particular amused me … a really nice shot of her and her husband, set in an infinity pool, with the Gulf of Mexico in the background, and a palm tree growing out […]

Wedding Photography

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I’ve always said I would never photograph a wedding so it was with mixed emotions that I answered a phone call from a long standing friend of mine. Many years previous I captured some fabulous portraits of her young daughter and now she was asking if I would cover her wedding. My immediate response was […]

Twycross Zoo

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Twycross Zoo sits just off the M42 in North West Leicestershire and is famous for its breeding program of monkeys. Over the past few years the zoo has expanded with a new visitor and a number of new attractions in particular Snow Leopards, Elephants and a new Butterfly enclosure. Like most zoo’s there will always […]

Camera School – Running Water … Take 2

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I’ve always been a fan of Camera School as it a very cheap way to learn and with it give you a reason to o out and take photos. Having said that I dipped out on the last term due to work commitments and the fact the learning was somewhat similar to previous modules. This […]

Calke Abbey

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Calke Abbey is a Grade 1 listed house near Ticknall, Derbyshire, now owned by the National Trust. From the 12th century until its dissolution by Henry VIII the site was originally an Augustinian priory. The present building, named Calke Abbey in 1808, was never actually an abbey, but is a Baroque mansion built between 1701 and 1704. The house was owned by the Harpur family for […]

Camera School – Composition

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Having been brought up on one of the basics of photography i.e. the rule of thirds, it seemed a little odd to find out that the challenge this month was to break that rule. The brief itself was quite clear i.e. to take a landscape shot with a central focal point but I actually found […]

Camera School – Sync Flash

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Didn’t like this module one little bit !! I agree its a good technique to master but not sure when I will ever really use, and not something that particularly interests me. Of course it would have been easy just to dip out for a month but that’s not me … so with a huff […]