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I’ve always said I would never photograph a wedding so it was with mixed emotions that I answered a phone call from a long standing friend of mine. Many years previous I captured some fabulous portraits of her young daughter and now she was asking if I would cover her wedding. My immediate response was “no” but after some friendly nagging, and the fact she wanted a very informal approach to the day I agreed … having said that it was still important to plan the day if I was going to get the photos she wanted.

Meeting up, scouting the venue, drawing up a list of the “must have” shots, are all absolutely critical for a successful shoot. There is so much that can go wrong with the real pressure coming from the fact you don’t get a second chance. Prior to the big day I did a full equipment check, cleaning camera and lens, formatting memory cards, charging batteries etc. I’m confident in using my camera but again it was about minimising the risk of something going wrong.

The day was an enjoyable experience, although very long, and the weather was kind with not too much sunshine to cast difficult shadows. Far more challenging was the venue itself as there were very few places that really led themselves as good backdrops for photography. In many ways I guess its not something that Bride & Groom necessarily consider but it can make a big difference to getting that very special shot, and also getting some variety into the photos. One location that did work well was a balcony which gave a slightly unusual viewpoint of Bride & Groom (photo below !!)

In total I captured around 1000 images which after editing got down to 300. In many ways this is where the hard works and hours come in, and probably where I really started to hope that the Bride liked my work. Photography can be so subjective and although I was happy a small element of self doubt did creep in. It was short lived as the compliments on Facebook said it all …

“that’s a really lovely picture”
“fabulous photographer”
“fantastic photo”
“luv this photo”

So would I do again ? It was fabulous playing such an important part in my friends wedding and yes I’m pleased with end result … but … I’m not sure I’d like to do full time !!


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