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I’ve always had a thing about volcanoes and have been lucky in visiting a number of countries where the activity is very evident. The Canary Islands are a chain of volcanic ocean islands located off North Africa’s west coast. They are a good example of oceanic hot spot volcanoes above a slow-moving, thick oceanic plate.
The age of volcanism decreases from east to west, as the Atlantic plate slowly moves above the Canarian Hot Spot. The oldest of these islands is Lanzarote which was born through fiery eruptions and has solidified lava streams as well as extravagant rock formations. The island emerged about 15 million years ago, along with others, after the break-up of the African and the American continental plates. The greatest recorded eruptions occurred between 1730 and 1736 in the area now designated Timanfaya National Park. It is this dramatic topography that presents so many opportunities for the photographer.

The island is very easy to explore and I would recommend hiring a car and going it alone rather than joining the normal tourist day trips, but my one exception to this is a company called the “Kayak & Walk In Lanzarote” run by Ismael. You can check out his Facebook page but basically he guides you on a walk through some amazing volcanic landscapes. It’s a hard slog, especially on a hot day but the opportunity to capture images is limitless. Ismael is a brilliant guy and so accommodating. The normal group size is four people but I was lucky and had a one to one guide. Here he is looking out across a lava field …


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