One Year On

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It was a little over 12 months ago that I relaunched “Dreams Can Be’ and with it a new stage in my photography. It’s been an interesting year for both me, and this website. Highlights include the milestone of half a million hits on Flickr and a massive 38,000 hits in just 24 hours for my Race For Life photos. The absolute lowlight was the website getting corrupted beyond repair, and the need for a complete rebuild. As always in these situations there was a considerable amount of learning to be had and the biggest lesson was “don’t trust the support desk”. They were far too quick in suggesting a course of action which actually led to a relatively simple issue into a point of no return !! I guess the only good to come out of this is that I managed to rebuild in no time at all, and it gave me the opportunity to make some slight design changes which I think have enhanced the site. Every cloud has a silver lining etc etc.

I’d like to think my photography has moved on too … a change of job has allowed me the time to rejoin Sileby Photographic Society and also to learn a lot more about how my camera functions. It’s all too easy these days to set a camera on fully automatic and forget the basics of ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. Understanding, and being able to control each of those elements leads to so much more in terms of creativity, composition and the end result. Next year I’m hoping to develop two areas … macro photography, and portrait photography … both very different, and both a challenge. I’ve also signed up to the next term of Camera School which will allow me to further develop my skills, and as always give me a reason to get out and take photographs.


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