Camera School – Running Water … Take 2

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I’ve always been a fan of Camera School as it a very cheap way to learn and with it give you a reason to o out and take photos. Having said that I dipped out on the last term due to work commitments and the fact the learning was somewhat similar to previous modules. This time round the briefs are again similar but I’m a little more familiar with my new camera and with it a little more confident. Running water is always a challenge and this time I decided to go with something with much more of a flow. Luckily I don’t live that far from the River Soar and a number of fast flowing weirs.

The brief itself was all about using a shutter speed of 0.5 sec to give that milky, ghost like appearance to the water which sounds relatively easy … but getting the exposure correct, and everything else in focus can be a challenge. It’s also important to use a good, strong, sturdy tripod.

When starting out on this type of assignment I tend to do my initial set up at home where I can really think about what I’m doing and then make minor adjustments on location. So then … ISO 100, Aperture Priority and hopefully the shutter speed would be at least half a second. To get a full depth of field I set a single point, focussed a third of the way into the composition, and clicked away. The shot I’ve entered was the fourth I took, and as always its now just a question of sitting patiently for the experts to give their opinions !!

Running Water

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