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So so sad to write that my Pops passed away in October. He was a fabulous role model and introduced me to the wonderful world of photography as a young boy. I have no idea how/when he started himself but remember him blacking out the bathroom and disappearing for hours to develop his own negatives and prints. I also remember the excitement he showed creating a new image from a blank sheet of paper, and that excitement stayed with him into the digital age.

It was Pops that bought me my first camera, and it was Pops that encouraged me to try new things. He was also my fiercest critic and I would never be in any doubt as to if he liked, or disliked one of my images. Occasional I would get a request to frame one which then had pride of place on his wall, until either he or bored with it, or decided another was his favourite.

I will miss him so much, but his legacy lives on in so many ways, and the photos I have of him sit alongside the most fabulous memories of a very special person.

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