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Having been brought up on one of the basics of photography i.e. the rule of thirds, it seemed a little odd to find out that the challenge this month was to break that rule. The brief itself was quite clear i.e. to take a landscape shot with a central focal point but I actually found it incredibly difficult to do.

I went out a number of times, took numerous shots and then ditched them. I’m not sure if my eye/brain is so trained to use the rule of thirds that I couldn’t see beyond it, and in that respect I just couldn’t be confident with any of the images I took.

Anyway with less that 24hrs to the deadline I finally settled on the image below and will be waiting nervously to see how it is marked. Definitely way out of my comfort zone on this but then often that is the best way to learn.

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  1. admin
    March 26, 2014

    Looks like the judges were in a good mood, chalked up another gold award. Find it very interesting that I can be technically sound even if I myself don’t think much of the image. Yes its OK but I wouldn’t dream of showing or entering in a competition. The good thing is that i continue to learn and practise.


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