Camera School – Sync Flash

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Didn’t like this module one little bit !!

I agree its a good technique to master but not sure when I will ever really use, and not something that particularly interests me. Of course it would have been easy just to dip out for a month but that’s not me … so with a huff and a sulk I checked out the brief. The aim was to capture movement using a slow shutter speed of half a second and the on camera flash. Given the recent bad weather and the approaching deadline I opted for an indoor shot using my solar powered smiley flower.

I set the camera up on a tripod and took around 12 shots before I was happy that one captured the movement I needed. I say “happy” in the loosest of terms because the shot itself doesn’t really do anything for me. Be interested to see what the judges have to say.

1 Comment

  1. admin
    February 24, 2014

    Somewhat amazed that the judges decided this was worthy of a Gold. I guess technically it was what they were looking for as I followed the brief to the letter. As an image it still just doesnt do it for me !!


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