Happy New Year

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Happy New Year for 2014, and with it the official launch of the new format “Dreams Can Be”. Nearly four months in the making, I hope you will enjoy my thoughts, words, and images as much as I have enjoyed pulling them together, and in that respect I would welcome any feedback you have.

As the months move on I will be refining my portfolio, adding to my travels and blogging when I have the time, starting with some views on new year’s resolutions. I never have been someone who sits down on January 1st, writes a long list of resolutions, and then shares with the wider world, primarily as I think you can start something new at any time during the year. Having said that I do think a new year is a great opportunity to give yourself a gentle nudge on some of the things you would like to do in life and also to give a focus, which is often the difference between success and failure. The other thing I have learnt is that writing things down or going public gives that extra incentive so here’s a couple from me …

1) Publish another book

The word “publish” all sounds a little grand but basically this is about creating and then printing a new photobook. Yes I’ve done a couple before, one titled “Walks To Remember” which I created using Blurb, and the other titled “Iceland” for which I used Aperture. I really enjoyed doing both, and learnt lots along the way which I hope to build on when I do my next. I’ve got a couple of ideas already so it’s just about making the time to get the creativity flowing.

2) Complete the family tree

With a surname like “Heaven” you would have thought tracing the family tree would be easy but it’s another of those things that can eat into that very precious commodity of time. I was originally inspired by my Dad who not only made an initial start which he handed over to me, but who also has written some fabulous memoirs of his early life. So it’s about time I did the decent thing and having purchased a copy of the Mac Family Tree software in the half price Christmas sale I now have the tools to record the family history in a structured and co-ordinated way. Once I’ve done that it could well link to the objective above with the end result being a book covering the family history.

As the year progresses I’ll keep you update on both !!

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