The Shower Scale

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For years the travel writers have argued about how to rate hotels. Internationally the recognised format seems to be stars, although some use roses, and some even count cockroaches. Travel websites have taken this a step further each with their own system and even Trip Advisor has more than one system depending on if you access from a laptop, iPad, or use their mobile phone app.

As for me ?? I go for the shower scale and for those of you that have never it seen before, here it is …

1 – Similar to a bucket and hose and more often than not the water runs from cold to boiling with nothing in between. Towels feel like an abrasive pad and no toiletries. A better option would be to head off to the local river.

2 – Water luke warm and you need to be a contortionist to actually get wet. Probably not helped by the fact I’m 6ft 4ins tall. Still no toiletries unless you take a late night trip to the local 24hr convenience store. Towels dirty, rough and limited in terms of absorbing water.

3 – Normally attached to the bath but at least its a shower and average in terms of cleanliness and shower flow. Shampoo and shower gel provided but normally in the form of a pump action screwed to the wall. Towels beginning to feel like they are actually made of cotton.

4 – Very comfortable in terms of space, and finally a real shower  with good water pressure. Soft towels of a reasonable size  and half decent toiletries including shampoo, conditioner, gel, and moisturiser.

5 – Top marks … creme de la creme … typically tropical … this is the one you dream of. Normally a power shower with steaming hot water, branded toiletries etc. More than enough room to dance around and hand maidens to wash, dry and throw rose petals at your feet !!

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