Macro Photography

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A few months ago I purchased a Nikon 105 macro lens but have been a little slow to use it. First time out I just couldn’t get the focus sharp but realised I needed to use a much higher aperture, and to take control myself, rather than relying on “auto” mode.  Getting a half decent depth of field, a good shutter speed and an ISO to compliment both isn’t that difficult, but I do think todays modern digital cameras have made us lazy.

So this morning I headed off to the Leicester Botanic Gardens knowing that there would be more than enough flowers to provide an ideal location to practise. To really test myself I consciously decided not to take my tripod, and one trick I have learnt is that often it is easy to manually set the focus and then just rock your body in and out to get that sharpness. My other piece of advice is the check, then double check your background. It can be very easy to pick another flower, petal, or leaf up without realising so always go for something dark and far enough away that you can completely throw out of focus.

Anyway this is the best shot of the morning …


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