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A couple of months ago a young lady I know got married and posted a number of honeymoon photos on Facebook. One in particular amused me … a really nice shot of her and her husband, set in an infinity pool, with the Gulf of Mexico in the background, and a palm tree growing out her head !!

I managed to resolve using photoshop and in discussion with Alex she explained how she got a DSLR last christmas as a present but had little idea on how to use. She had made attempts watching a number of YouTube videos but ended up more confused than ever. So being a kind soul I offered to give some tuition on both how to use the camera and some simple steps towards taking better photos.  It’s worth saying that taking better photographs is actually something most people could do quite easily. Learning how to use the camera is only one part of taking good photos so I thought the best place to start would be to look at how to compose, frame, and take a photo i.e.

  1. It’s not about the camera
  2. The rule of thirds
  3. How to compose a photo
  4. Different lenses
  5. Cropping a photo by using your eyes and legs
  6. Backgrounds
  7. Holding the camera and taking a picture

It was very much a quick talk through… but helped set up for the practical stuff later. The main part of the day  was learning how to use a  DSLR which included:

  1. Mastering Shooting modes (including priority modes and full manual)
  2. Understanding ISO
  3. Learning the ‘exposure triangle’
  4. Mastering Metering including exposure compensation
  5. Learning Focussing
  6. Understanding file size/types
  7. Grasping White balance

We headed off to Bradgate Park as I knew it would give opportunity for Landscape, Portrait, Nature & Wildlife photography, and have to say we had an awesome four hours or so. Alex was a really fast learner and had a great eye for a photo. She now has a Flickr account and is trying out all the techniques we want through. Early days but her photos are streets ahead of where they were.

Sometimes it’s nice to share skills, learnings, and experience with others, and for me another opportunity to get out with my camera to take photos including this one of Alex herself.


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