Twycross Zoo

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Twycross Zoo sits just off the M42 in North West Leicestershire and is famous for its breeding program of monkeys. Over the past few years the zoo has expanded with a new visitor and a number of new attractions in particular Snow Leopards, Elephants and a new Butterfly enclosure. Like most zoo’s there will always be the debate of keeping animals in captivity but it does present numerous opportunities to get up close and personal with animals you wouldn’t normally see.

For photographers my main advice would be to avoid school holidays and to go early morning rather than later in the day. That way you avoid the crowds. Some of the enclosures give great views with bars or wire in the way but keep an eye out for the background and shoot in close. In terms of subject matter it’s really about personal choice but I always go for the butterflies, leopards, and of course the apes.


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