Race For Life

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A few weeks back I headed into my local town where a “Race For Life” charity event was taking place. It’s always a colourful affair with women of all ages taking part in a fun run/walk to raise money for a very worthy cause. From a photographic point of view it offered lots of opportunity, and with around 3,000 people taking part lots of smiley faces ready to be snapped. It always worth checking out the route for this sort of thing and with a bit of planning its possible to pick a good spot with an uncluttered background.

I chose my 70-300mm zoom lens to help isolate the subjects and for around an hour took numerous photos of the runners as they headed towards the finish line. As I left the market place and headed back to the car I saw a guy and a girl hugging each other and with a slightly intrusive real ease of the shutter took what I describe as a point and click.

Little did I know that the guy saw me take the photo and that he mentioned to the young lady who then decided to try and track down the photographer via twitter. Surprisingly she did this quite easily as I had posted a link to the local paper and 24 hours later we she made contact. Having exchanged emails it turned out the young lady was running for her mum (who is currently fighting cancer) and as you can imagine it was a somewhat emotional day for her.

To quote … “It’s a beautiful shot and I wouldn’t have had any problems at all with you publishing it. It’s moments like that I love, natural pictures that capture real moments that aren’t staged or forced! Thank you a million times over!!  You’ve made my day!”

It made me feel very humble that in a small way I could give back to someone who had given so much for others.

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