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Module 4 brought a subject matter I was very familiar with, in fact a type of shot I take regularly but despite that in many ways it has been one of the hardest modules to complete. Why ?? Well its simple … you need decent weather, a nice sunrise or sunset, coloured skies, a few fluffy clouds … but all we’ve had for three weeks are dull grey skies, with no colour, and rain almost every day.

I know other students have been having similar problems with desperate posts asking if the briefing could be changed, or even if a silhouette could be taken indoors. I hadn’t quite got to that point although with the deadline approaching I became an avid sky watcher, and knew I would need to grab any opportunity that came along. With that in mind I pre set the camera … ISO 800, F8, white balance on daylight, and left the shutter speed to take care of itself. Living on the edge of the National Forest I had already decided that the most obvious subject matter/composition would be the silhouette of an isolated tree, so I just needed to wait patiently for the weather.

Last night gave the break in the clouds I was waiting for … temperatures dropped, and a frosty evening was forecast which hopefully would lead to a perfect winters sky in the morning. Jumping up early I was out of the house for sunrise as the sky finally delivered. It took 5 minutes and 3 clicks of the shutter to get the shot I wanted. Job done !!

Nature 4

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  1. admin
    January 26, 2014

    Awarded another gold … pleased with that, although to be honest I expected to do well with this as silhouettes are one of my fav types of photo.


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