Camera School – Silhouette

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Module 4 brought a subject matter I was very familiar with, in fact a type of shot I take regularly but despite that in many ways it has been one of the hardest modules to complete. Why ?? Well its simple … you need decent weather, a nice sunrise or sunset, coloured skies, a few […]

Buying A Tripod

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The title makes it all sound so simple but believe me once you’ve entered the word “tripod” into Google and hit the enter key, you would not believe how many decisions there are to make. Having finally purchased a new one at the weekend I thought I’d share a few thoughts and considerations which may […]

Happy New Year

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Happy New Year for 2014, and with it the official launch of the new format “Dreams Can Be”. Nearly four months in the making, I hope you will enjoy my thoughts, words, and images as much as I have enjoyed pulling them together, and in that respect I would welcome any feedback you have. As […]